Hair transplants for gender reassignment surgery

Gender reassignment surgery is also known as sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) and allows an individual to alter their existing physical appearance to acquire characteristics of the opposite sex. Thanks to facial feminisation, a man can modify his facial appearance to bring it closer in shape and size to typical female facial features.

This type of operation, that is carried out by BHR Clinic, is aimed at transgender candidates. Individuals whose gender, psyche and social identity related to the concepts of men and women are in conflicts with their biological sex.

For many candidates, specific aspects and features of the face retain very pronounced masculine characteristics such as:

  • High line of implantation of the hair in the shape of” M” compared to a much lower and arched one in women.
  • More prominent frontal boss

To complete the feminisation journey, the patient often has to undergo several types of surgery, such as Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS). The success of a more feminine and natural frontal design requires particular and personalised expertise. BHR Clinic has developed techniques for the reduction in the height of the forehead, including changes in hairline designs of our transgender patients.

The facial image for the transgender patient plays an undeniable role in the image he wishes to project in public. At BHR Clinic, we aim to help patients cross this psychological barrier necessary for self-realisation.

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