How long does the healing take?

This can depend on the procedure. Recipient sites heal at the same speed for either procedure, but donor healing may vary. In the recipient area, there will be short shafts of hair surrounded by a small scab. You begin to wash your hair the day after the procedure. The scabs are washed away gradually, and the shafts of hair will shed. This typically takes 10-12 days until there is very little to see.

Donor healing FUE is generally quite quick as punch sites are hidden by your natural hair growth around the site. Even after seven days, it is hard to see any signs of the transplant one your donor whilst they continue to heal.

With the strip in the donor area, the suture can be hidden if your hair is kept long. The suture can be removed 10 days post-op, but the area will remain a little red for a month while the skin tissue relaxes.

Swelling can occur on the forehead, especially in extensive procedures that involve hairline restoration. This is normal and starts the day after the procedure and typically last three days. There is no danger to your health or the success of the procedure. A gentle massage and an ice pack will help to keep this to a minimum.

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