Body hair transplantation, all you need to know!

Body hair transplantation is trending! Is it too good to be true to have an extension to your traditional scalp donor that is just sitting there and not of any use to you, (okay a beard is great for some and even fashionable, especially if you are a hipster, but let’s be real, who wants chest hair?)..
For sure this is an exciting topic and one that garnishes interest for those who have extensive loss or have undergone poor surgery and have a limited donor or indeed to the patient who needs their donor area restocking…(sadly an issue that is augmenting).
So, let’s cut to the chase and separate the fact from the fiction. For sure we have seen some cases on the internet where people’s concern is how natural it is, the cost, scarring, growth rates and other issues.. 
Here this video will tackle some of the uses of body hair and how Dr.Bisanga would approach this, (20 years track record and honing the approach is evident here),  and then crucial things you need to consider and to help you remember them we are rather cleverly using alliteration, (words beginning with the same letter such as Peter Piper Picked…etc..), as this is a proven way to remember a subject! 
So, we will look at over-harvesting from poor FUE,  scarring from Strip surgery, donor restocking aka “donor farming”, and then the type of hair that we use, i.e beard or chest hair and the anagen phases and challenges to look at, ie. coarseness, colour, curl, count, cycle and contraindications..If you remember these then you will already eliminate most of the issues that have been reported in this type of surgery. We will also what is known as “wet hair”, and I’ll let you click to see what that is! 
So if you are interested in using body hair then these 7 minutes, (less if you want to play on double speed!), will really educate and give you years of knowledge at a click of a me, I have been there and done and got the t-shirt as we say.

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