Hair Transplant costs, the hidden dangers! We all have a budget, but what should you look out for when searching for FUE surgery? Often with “cheap deals”, you pay far more, not only per hour, but for life. Let me explain why…

Let’s face it, in the modern world of sleek marketing, celeb endorsements and good looking models, this for some is the only level of research they need to do for what is their life changing hair transplantation surgery. Why waste time when others have researched for you and their five star and four line reviews […]

Body Hair Transplant: Using Chest Hair for FUE Surgery (Bisanga Hair Restoration)

Body Hair Transplant Using Chest Hair for FUE Surgery Here’s an “Inside the op-room” video series showcasing a Body Hair Transplant for a FUE surgery by Dr. Bisanga showing the punching and the extraction of hair grafts. Aside from Dr.Bisanga’s “Bitesize” videos that are garnishing a growing fan base, here is a unique look “Inside […]


DR.KOSTIS, A RISING STAR AND ALSO A PATIENT! Dr.*Kostis has been part of the BHR doctor team since 2019. He has been personally trained by Dr. Christian Bisanga, (who has trained a myriad of doctors), in all aspects of hair transplantation and has thus learned from a world leader and enjoyed the luxury of working with Dr.Bisanga […]

Hey doc, can this be fixed? (Hair Transplant Repairs | BHR Clinic)

Hair Transplant Repairs Dr. Christian Bisanga has a long and consistent pedigree when it comes to repair surgery and has changed the lives of many a patient who have made grave errors in their hair transplant choices. No surgery is better than a poor one and here we see the approach of Dr. Bisanga in […]

Why Brad Pitt Hairline may not be right for you?! Educating Hair Transplant Patients at BHR Clinic – Bitesize with Bisanga (Episode 10)

Importance of Educating Hair Transplant Patients In this episode of “Bitesize with Bisanga”, Dr. Christian Bisanga discusses why education patients is so important before deciding to do a hair transplant. He shares his approach to educating patients and providing honest, realistic and professional advice to help them make an informed decision, and not fall into […]