Hair Surgery Costing for a refined Hair Transplantation

Hair Surgery Costing: How much a refined Hair Transplantation costs?

BHR Clinic believes in transparency and the highest level of patient care. We always endeavour to ensure that you feel like you are in safe and professional environment from the moment of first contact, until long after your procedure. Hair Surgery Costing will be explained to you based on your own personal requirements and will be clearly detailed in your treatment plan.

Hair Surgery Costing: FUE Surgery

Repair cases can hold many different challenges and requirements not considered in a standard case.

Dr. Bisanga has a reputation for repairing some of the most challenging cases ever seen in the industry, including techniques such as graft removal and redistribution, scar revision/follicular unit placement into scars and placements in previously impaired skin.

Due to the personal nature of repair cases, they are treated on an individual basis and priced only after consultation.

Please contact the clinic for a personal consultation in regards to pricing for your specific case.

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