“THEY SPOKE TO MY HAIR LINE AND NOT TO MY FACE”, How to avoid this uncomfortable feeling with Natural Hair line FUE Surgery that is attractive yet does not grab attention!

Let’s face it, we live in an ever changing world where at times to look artificial is for some not a problem, with terms like “Plastic Fantastic” or “Trout Pout”, we see that beauty and its perception had changed over the years. This is nothing to shock us, we change constantly with tech, fashion, body size and image, tattoos and body modifications, and cosmetic surgery is only a reflection of what society deems the norm, acceptable or even pretty.

That said, and taking into account personal likes and preferences, when it comes to a hair line, it can attract attention for the wrong reason, and if so you will feel far less comfortable and confident as a person than prior to having a hair transplant. The old adage is still good, “to have no surgery is far better than to have a poor one”, and here in this video Dr.Bisanga, FUE elite and world renowned hair transplant surgeon, covers some of the aspects that he will consider as integral to producing world class FUE results.

I recall with some humour people would ask for a Brad Pitt hair line and I would say, sure, get the face and we can do the rest, there was humour in this but actually it is a valid reply once we see the complexities of a hair line design and how facial features, bone structure and proportions come into play in what will or will not look not only good, but fitting and natural for the patient.

So, bone structure, measurements from the glabella and eyebrows,, (some use the Da Vinci method of thirds,), but this was never intended for hair transplant design usage, only more of a what does the perfect “Vitruvian man” look like, age and loss, are all taken into account to give that one stop shopping stand alone hair line result that Dr.Bisanga at BHR Clinic is famous for.

Once we look at the natural and medical factors, when then look at the correct response on surgery and aside from the design, height, angles, mid-central point and temple closure, Dr.Bisanga will make sure to deploy the right follicular units to give that full yet natural hair line that complements your face, frames it, blends back into native hair and will be age and facially compatible. The end product should point people to look at your face as the primary target and not to focus on the hair line as the primary point, but rather be an attractive periphery to the facial structure that will give that more youthful and thus confident look.

With FUE surgery, Dr.Bisanga can cherry pick the nice finer single haired grafts to give that introduction to the hair line that should not be abrupt, but feathered with nice single follicular units that then are re-inforced behind with the deployment of two and three hair units in strategic places, a little like having a battle formation to win the encounter, there is thought in this and nothing happens by chance.

Furthermore with the right tools, magnification, small FUE punches and recipient sites to give direction, angle, depth, density to the hair line, the team then work in synergy with this approach to then deliver the final product..So be assured people will complement your hair line but talk to your face.

Here are some great hair line transplant examples to visualise some of the above principles.


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