One thing I notice about people, (okay, apart from their hair), is their eyes. This is a “true window of communication” and aside from the rapid growth here from Ian our English Speaking Hair Transplant Rep,  (who incidentally underwent a Strip hair transplant some years ago in North America), as his position as a Dr.Bisanga Advisor, wanted to address his hair line and frontal third of the scalp with FUE surgery. The best way to show confidence in a product is to HAVE IT!Ian made that step!


The hair line frames the face and gives that confidence and in his 4.5 months post FUE surgery, let’s face it, the contrast is already stark!

Not only does his hair give him confidence, his eyes now project it, the hidden emotions that we shield are very visible here and obvious to see, his hair line and his eyes are in harmony in a positive way. Ian is now brimming in confidence, (not that he particularly lacked it as a person prior), but he has that extra spring in his step that says, here I am, here is my story and it is only going to get better!

So, what is the key to fast growth…Firstly I want to proceed with a caveat, “FUE surgery is FUE surgery”, it is not an exact science to be timed like boiling an egg, there are for hair transplants usually timescales to be aware of and protocols to follow..However, we have long said that medication such as Minoxidil, or FAST shampoo and MSM tablets are favourable to growth, as can be LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy), but what are the things as a clinic we can do when it comes to FUE and hair transplantation protocols?

Enter Dr.Bisanga, at this point, through his years of surgery experience, (two decades), countless Strip and FUE patients have passed through his door, he has honed the protocols to ensure firstly graft survival, and this is a chain from punching the graft and getting it intact, keeping it in the donor as long as possible prior to extraction, holding it in saline and at the right temperature, no special liquids needed and we can deal with that on another post!, ensuring careful graft handling and placing, and this is how the graft is held, at what part and how it is carefully placed into the recipient sites that will give that depth, direction, density and desired outcome.

In short, there is here an audit trail of what works and what can be improved, to holding tools for placing the graft, to the techniques used, and like most things in life, not all FUE clinics, doctors or indeed technicians are the same…this is about pedigree and performance coming together to give as we call it perfection, both aesthetically and in the manner in which things are carried out.

So, we don’t believe in tricks but techniques that are paying dividends and here we have some patients who have likewise shown some amazing recent FUE transformations.

For some of you it will be a fast 4 months or so, like Ian, for others it may seem to be an eternity and you are counting the days! For that scenario patience will be needed and keep in touch with the clinic who will be able to give you some specifics for your case.  Whatever situation you are in, let us know and we will guide you with our experienced FUE –  BHR Clinic Advisors!

Feel free to contact us in the meantime as to how we can serve you, and we would be happy to share hints and tips, evaluate your hair situation for FUE surgery and show you some similar Hair Transplant Patient cases and of course do click to see our channel and the browse the videos and cases!

Above all, take care and remember as Albert said, Time Is Relative!


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