Your hair line should be symmetrical, shouldn’t it? See the common errors and how to avoid them for that natural look that inspires confidence!

Your hair line should be symmetrical, shouldn’t it? See the common errors and how to avoid them for that natural look that inspires confidence!

If I had a dime for every time I was asked this then I could buy that second condo I have been wanting. But on a serious note, it is often brought up during consultation for hair transplantation surgery, and rightly so it is a concern that many FUE patients will have when designing that killer hair line. Remember, this is for life, so the extra time spent on this is important and will stay with you for your earthly years! So, don’t hurry it but make sure it is right for you, I as a doctor will be patient to make sure we get the right hair line for you.

As a doctor, I have to design what I think it right and fitting but of course taking into account the patient’s loss or potential hair loss, donor capabilities, facial and bone structures and also what will be age fitting and actually like a fine wine, it should age well with them and on top of that fit it in with the wants and expectations of the patient!

So, in short there are several factors here and one of them usually is bone structure and symmetry that is a surgery talking point more than anything.

While Leonardo Da Vinci had the Vitruvian man, with his perfect proportions, the reality is often far different and also we need to keep in mind this was not a how to guide for hair transplantation, unless Leonardo was a true forward thinker by some 600 years!

You may be surprised that we are not symmetrical, yes you heard that right, all of us have subtle differences as shown in the accompanying graphic, we have in reality a lot of variation.

The graphic here essentially shows the same man but with three distinct faces, one is his normal face with no trickery, the second is left duplicated and the right is his right side doubled up and they all look similar but the change is also significant. What you get is very different outcomes, from eyebrows, bone structure and even hair angles!

This is the key to hair line design also, we are not robots made in a warehouse from a mould, but humans that have design, detail and delicacy. So, for hair transplantation, we need to appreciate these variants and design accordingly.

Myself for a hair line I will measure from the “glabella”, the ridge between the eyebrows to then get the mid-central point, essentially this will be the lowest point of the hair line and then I use the eyebrows to then measure from these to then make sure to get the recession points right and in line with these reference points. What we see is that in doing so the hair line can be naturally raised up on one side and this is normal, it does not mean the lack of true symmetry is an issue, rather it is fitting with your structures that we need to respect. Add to this personal design preferences and then we are well on the way to then seeing what is needed.

Once surgery commences there will also be swelling from the injections and this will raise up the hair line also artificially firstly this is needed for the recipient sites to be made well, and also it is a well needed pain killer and will limit bleeding, so the field of vision is also nice and clear. So don’t worry if this then extenuates the lack of symmetry while you are in the swollen state, once it goes down and once the hair line comes in, then it will be a natural facial framing, not too robotic or manufactured but a work of art that will be a lovely introduction to your hair transplant from the forehead upwards, looking natural and with the correct deployment of grafts to make it look like something that Da Vinci would be proud of.

Thank you for reading and let me know how I can be of service!

Kind regards

Dr.Kostis Lampropoulos




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