What happens when FUE surgery goes wrong? You don’t get many bites at the cherry, so choose wisely as this may be your last chance for redemption!

What happens when FUE surgery goes wrong?  You don’t get many bites at the cherry, so choose wisely as this may be your last chance for redemption! 

We live in a world of expectations, there are ones others or society puts on us, or even more harshly, the ones we put on ourselves when we survey the modern world in which we live today.

Society is more interested in beauty than morality, that seems strong language, but I can prove it, we can see this in our spending habits. While we will spend thousands to look better, we won’t spend pennies to be better. I am not saying it is wrong, but this is the world we live in and it ain’t gonna change anytime soon, if anything it will intensify.

The world is about equality, equality at work, socially and now in beauty! Men are rapidly closing in on females and and we are seeing that to look your best is not taboo now, be it from body to facial and not least, you guessed it, hair!  In fact hair transplantation has gone from a pluggy doll’s look and all of the associated shame, to undetectable and something to be proud of in the space of two decades and of course only in the right hands! The ones you notice when you are out and about and draw your attention are the ones that have not gone well, you do however walk past many hair transplant patients without even knowing it!

Thankfully, and for a host of reasons, hair loss and hair transplantation and treatments are becoming less of a taboo and especially as more celebs and influencers also undergo hair transplant surgery. FUE is becoming a term that even the TV are aware of, when it was prior just for the target group it attracted.

When things go well it is truly life changing, yes, you heard that right, it changes every aspect from looking in the mirror to doing the shopping and not the least, work, social events and romance, from the mundane to the insane, it is with you, you take it everywhere and it is on display 24/7. This is exciting and it should be, especially when we think in centuries past, even the world’s most powerful had no chance to change their hair as we do or to deal with hair loss in any positive way. The social and mental impact of it was there and it struck without discrimination. Julius Caesar wore a laurel leaf, others wear hats, but today you can wear your own natural hair, and wear it well, if it all goes to plan!

What was unimaginable now is possible and we have many success stories. Hair is not just for protection and to keep you warm, it is part of your vigour and identity, it gives you confidence and a semblance of youth. No-wonder it is sought after, that elixir that makes us attractive, both to self and to others and often self- confidence is a priceless positive side effect. Many hair transplant clinics however will play on this, their adverts will be emotion based and it is  tailored to the “click now” approach to secure your new future, without any real pedigree or track record in the hair transplant industry, with come and go salesmen for unknown FUE doctors and hair-mill clinics.

The dark side, like all industries, exists. Attracted by the glossy photos and polished reviews and the celeb endorsements, many fall victim to hair-mill type FUE clinics, your dreams can be achieved at a click of a button and for a low cost, fully endorsed and guaranteed for life! So, why pay more and why wait more? Your passport to happiness is here, so come on in and enjoy the ride.  It is a trap that many fall into and is surrounded by a wall of silence, the previous victims will not warn the next and so the conveyor belt is fired up and the rotation continues on, for what essentially is a life changing decision, in the good and in the not so, you will be changed. 

Here in this video, Dr.Bisanga shows beyond the click and into the op-room some of the real technical aspects needed to repair poorly thought out and executed hair transplants and address when FUE goes wrong for the hair transplant patient, who rather than becoming the poster boy they dreamed of, are often a shadow of what they were before. Looking unnatural is worse than looking bald, you may get attention but not the type you want, and the end product is confidence is eroded not grown and mundane things become challenges. The hope is, that most are not beyond repair, but the approach will be different and an ethical and highly skilled surgeon will be needed. 

Well I have said enough, over to Dr.Bisanga, click and see the approach and the more technical aspect in the video description. Take home message, research well, don’t go for cost alone and don’t become another hair transplant victim! Now has never been an easier time to research, and remember, you may not get a second chance!



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