Body hair transplantation, all you need to know!

Body hair transplantation is trending! Is it too good to be true to have an extension to your traditional scalp donor that is just sitting there and not of any use to you, (okay a beard is great for some and even fashionable, especially if you are a hipster, but let’s be real, who wants […]

Body Hair Transplant: Using Chest Hair for FUE Surgery (Bisanga Hair Restoration)

Body Hair Transplant Using Chest Hair for FUE Surgery Here’s an “Inside the op-room” video series showcasing a Body Hair Transplant for a FUE surgery by Dr. Bisanga showing the punching and the extraction of hair grafts. Aside from Dr.Bisanga’s “Bitesize” videos that are garnishing a growing fan base, here is a unique look “Inside […]