Exclusive Hair Consultation with Dr. Bisanga (Oct. 26-30, 2020 | Princeton, New Jersey)

Dr. Christian Bisanga Hair Consultation

Exclusive Hair Transplant Consultation with Dr. Bisanga

Book your spot now for an Exclusive Hair Consultation in-Person with Dr. Bisanga in Princeton, New Jersey, US: youtu.be/zs6LI_rx4N0

Consultations have limited availability so we would encourage you to reach out and inform us of your interest at your earliest convenience by emailing us at: ian@drchristianbisanga.com

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In this consultation session, you’ll have an opportunity to meet Dr. Christian Bisanga in person and have your hair examined, including donor density measurements, check for miniaturization, evaluate your hair characteristics and hair groupings, discuss your future potential hair loss, and your candidacy for hair surgery. Exclusive Hair Transplant Consultation with Dr. Bisanga

Dr. Bisanga would be able to design your hairline, offer an accurate graft recommendation, and discuss all possible solutions tailored to your needs. This would provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision and achieve outstanding hair restoration results.


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