Hair Surgery Costing for a refined Hair Transplantation

Hair Surgery Costing: How much a refined Hair Transplantation costs? BHR Clinic believes in transparency and the highest level of patient care. We always endeavour to ensure that you feel like you are in safe and professional environment from the moment of first contact, until long after your procedure. Hair Surgery Costing will be explained […]

How long does the healing take?

This can depend on the procedure. Recipient sites heal at the same speed for either procedure, but donor healing may vary. In the recipient area, there will be short shafts of hair surrounded by a small scab. You begin to wash your hair the day after the procedure. The scabs are washed away gradually, and […]

Hair transplants for gender reassignment surgery

Gender reassignment surgery is also known as sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) and allows an individual to alter their existing physical appearance to acquire characteristics of the opposite sex. Thanks to facial feminisation, a man can modify his facial appearance to bring it closer in shape and size to typical female facial features. This type of […]

What does hair loss mean for Afro/Frizzy hair?

Hair loss in the African-Caribbean community is a widespread concern for both men and women. Along with male pattern baldness, traction alopecia is a common issue for females due to tight braiding and extensions amongst other factors. Afro hair presents unique challenges and therefore requires specific expertise. The natural shape and design of the hairline […]

What are the treatments for hair loss?

Effective treatments for hair loss range from medicinal to surgical. FDA-approved medications such as minoxidil (commonly know by brand names such as  Rogaine/Regain) and finasteride (commonly know by brand name Propecia) can provide an effective treatment against hair loss. Minoxidil was typically a topical solution that helps follicular stabilisation and oftentimes regrowth but is only […]

How to deal with hair loss?

Hair loss can be a very personal and private issue for many individuals. We have found that very few people discuss their feelings with close friends or family which can cause intense levels of anxiety. Losing or thinning of hair is something that we generally associate with the older generations and therefore it can be […]


Hair loss is a medical condition that affects some 25% of men in their twenties and an astounding two-thirds of men over sixty. Male-pattern baldness has no medical side effects other than hair loss. Due to this many consider it a purely cosmetic concern, however those who experience hair loss can suffer from very tangible […]